Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The sustainable security equation.

Pamela Bone, The Age, on 21 November, wrote an Opinion article on this topic.
I like Pamela's writings and I usually agree with her reasonings and analyses of current events. See:http://www.the age.com.au/pamela-bone

Among her assertions are the following:
"What is the reason for terrorism? We struggle to understand how men, who are to all appearances living harmoniously in Australia, can (allegedly) say that killing our children is not only justified but a religious duty. Whose fault is this war? It's ours, says the left. No it's theirs, says the right."
"Why then? We seem these days reluctant to make the obvious point that people are not equally good. Some people have a greater capacity for cruelty than others. Men have a greater capacity for violence than women. Young men are more violent than old men (though of course not all young men are violent). Nearly all terrorists are young men." (But obviously not necessarily their leaders and recruiters!M.)
" You could, in fact, solve most of the world's problems by liberating women. Islamic terrorism? It is women who are leading the fight to modernise Islam. (Where is the evidence? M.) Overpopulation? Educated women have fewer children."
(That's a problem for the male religious leadership: therefore they keep their women in the bedroom and the kitchen to populate the world with their co-religionists. M)

"---But liberating women may be the hardest fight of all, because their freedom here is one of the chief reasons the West is detested." (As I have been saying all along.M)
"The leaders of al-Queda could not care less about the people of Iraq, or about the Palestinians. They certainly don't care about starving Africans. But these things makes it easier to recruit the foot soldiers for their insane mission."
She concludes:"The inequality between rich and poor countries is unsustainable in terms of world security. For those who care about such things, it is also profoundly, inhumanely, unfair."
I say:
How do we address the issue of poverty? By educating and including the women in their countries' governments. She states:"Corruption? Studies show Governments with more women in them are less corrupt (this may only be because women are as yet unused to power,as I don't claim women are intrinsically superior.)"

But I believe they are intrinsically more honest,- naively so perhaps,- and more ethical and conscientious in their approach to helping their people.
If power corrupts amd absolute power corrupts absolutely,- the power of women over men seems to be that which is feared most of all in the religious establishments.
If only the Western nations would concentrate on empowering the women of the Third World, the whole war on terrorism would be over very quickly.
M. M.

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