Monday, December 26, 2005

Pallywood:the Mohammed el Dura "blood libel". expose #2.


Professor Richard Landes, who brought us Pallywood, has added an amazing documentary
to his Second Draft website showing never before seen raw footage of what really happened to Mohammed el Dura, the ultimate blood libel of our century. You are not going to believe your eyes when you see the two cameramen SITTING DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE FATHER AND SON WHILE THE BULLETS ARE SUPPOSEDLY FLYING. Or the whole crowd who "cleared the set" while the al Durahs sat there, ready to do a second take. Or the mumbling Palestinian cameraman for France 2, who made up the whole thing, lying through his teeth when he gets caught. Devastating and remarkable.

A brilliant expose. Congratulations Richard!

Please take a look and pass it on.


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