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Article by Pete Fisher (USA) about Islam.

I don't know whether Pete Fisher has any specific knowledge or insight into this subject matter.
However, while passionately criticizing extreme Islamism, he does seem to be level-headed in his approach to the fact that it is difficult to appease the extremists. No one can argue with that.

N.B.When one talks about "Islam", it is like talking about Communism, Fascism, Evangelism, Anti-Semitism or many other political cum religious cum racist ideologies. It is a collective noun about a phylosophy, not about individuals or communities where the practice of the Moslem religion is their private and personal way of life. One must be aware however, when reading below and all other objective refs., that incitement to hatred of "the other" is very easily incorporated into the practice of this religion at every level,- if allowed to proceed unchecked.

In Eastern Europe, up to WW2, the Christian Churches in the rural areas, preaching to the uneducated peasant masses, far too often referred to the Jews as "Christ killer", "God killers", and many other similar "blood libels" and epithets. Frequent pogroms were the result. Thus Nazi Fascism had a fertile breeding ground in which to fester!
As with the Holocaust, Islamic terrorism did not develop like spontaneous combustion!

*Why Islam Can Never Be Appeased_ _*
by Pete Fisher .

[/Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written
several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and
religion. He has been featuredon several sites such as RenewAmerica.us,
Chronwatch.com <http://chronwatch.com/> Blessedcause.com
<http://blessedcause.com/>, Michnews.com <http://michnews.com/>,
mensnewsdaily.com <http://mensnewsdaily.com/>, The Rant.us
<http://rant.us/>, and has been circulated on various other sites
worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces. ]

I have to shake my head in disbelief just about every day when I listen
to people who have no clue about Islam or what is happening all around
the world.
I still have a very hard time buying into the claims by many of our
politicians and media that this is somehow a peaceful religion. This
does not mean that every Muslim out in this world is violent. I am not
saying that at all. But what I AM saying is that Islam is the perfect
spring board for violent acts of every kind and is simply unchecked by
its own members.
This week in Mecca we can watch the video from Memri
http://www.memritv.org/Transcript.asp?P1=991 where in
the height of the Muslim spiritual Hadj, the holiest time and
holiest site in all of Islam, are Muslims screaming
for the death and mutilation of all infidels, but specifically
Americans and Jews. They cry to their god for
our hands to be chopped off and to be murdered
while thanking Allah for his greatness.
And in Mount Arafat this week the people who were on
Hadj were told that there was a huge holy war against
Islam ongoing in this world right now,
according to the Grand Mufi of Saudi Arabia.
We are now finding that Saddam did provide
for terrorist training, we
see evidence that Syria was involved
in goading Iraqi terrorists into
action, we see recruiting in Europe and
Canada as well as the USA . We
see Muslims worldwide who refuse to live
as their host nations live, but
rather demand those nations bend to the will of Islam.
Rapes have become
the crime of choice for many Muslim
men living in Australia and Europe,
where violent crimes in many of these
countries has risen to heights
unknown before the Islamic immigration
into those nations.
The Palestinians will never be satisfied with
the way Israel has bent
backwards trying to appease them.
They still scream for blood, and they
still train their children in the ways
of death and slaughter.
Iran has snubbed their nose at the IAEA
and the rest of the world with
its cat and mouse tactics on nuclear technology.
They claim they need the power, but in truth, the population
of Iran has never been the
concern of the mullahs running the place.
All they care about is pushing
Islam as a world power and desire the technology
to use it as a terror threat when they deem it necessary.
Islam has no concern for human rights if one looks
around the world.
There are no storms of people protesting the rapes
and oppression by the
millions, even when perpetrated on Muslims,
by Muslims. They have no care for the Sudan
where they shoot at innocent women and children as
they drink from the muddy Wadi because they have no other source of
water due to Muslims destroying their lives, land and population.
The funny thing is, Muslim women have written to me telling
me the wonderful rights they have,
all the while being forced to wear a head
cover and not even being able to drive or
shop without a male escort.
And the Saudis are concerned that when we report
such inane and evil events that we as the West are
chasing people away from Islam.
However, this to me is the typical Islam double s
tandard and total lack
of responsibility so prevalent in the religion.
Like not long ago in Sydney where a well known
Lebanese Sheik Faiz Mohammed publicly condoned
raping of women by saying they had no one to blame
but themselves. It is not the fault of the Muslim male;
it had to be the fault of the victim.
Much like the Democrats in America ,
the criminals did what they did for
any other purpose that by personal choice.
Whether it is their
upbringing, abuse, poverty, wealth, illness, being bullied,
all lame excuses that have actually been
used in our courts.
And because of this like minded philosophy,
Islam can never blame itself for its own
shortcomings or actions.
If one of them rapes, it was the fault of the
victim for wearing no socks.
If a school house got bombed and children
slaughtered in innocent blood,
it was the fault of the village or
country not accepting Islam that made them bomb it.
If Palestinians are starving in dire poverty
due to Arafat having skimmed the coffers
and pocketed the money,
then it must be the Jews who
are not allowing them into Israel .
If the Jews do not want them in
Israel because they cannot abstain
from terror and crime, then it must
be an agenda against Islam and Jihad
must be waged. It can not be that
they are simply terrorists and like Jordan
and Syria before Israel ,
they are not wanted due
to their proclivities.
In the mind of Islam, anything that is not
Islam is the fault of their
people starving, the fault they fight each
other, the fault they use acts of extreme cowardice
to make a political point. It is the fault of
all others on Earth that they refuse to help
their own and the image
they put to the world.
It is NOT the West chasing people away from
Islam. It is Islam chasing people away.
It is the actions of Muslims, it
is the writings of the Koran and Hadiths,
etc. that keep people away from Islam.
It is the silence of Muslims when their own commit
acts so diabolical it would take the Devil
himself some trouble to devise.
It is the chaos within Islam and the chaos
it creates without that make
human beings shake their heads in disbelief
at the horrors committed in
the name of their god. But we who are
civilized can never teach those
who refuse to hear.
It is simply easier for Islam to blame
the rest of the world for the
evil it creates and commands through the Koran.
It is much easier to hide behind the lies than to look
at the deceit within. It is easier to
write off the starvation, blood letting,
and lust for murder with (crooked interpretations of)
Koranic passages than to actually become
human beings that care for one another.
It is easier for Muslims around the globe to say nothing
while their own walk this Earth spewing evil. It is easier for
many to believe that just
because a few of the billions do not act like this;
it may have enough peaceful elements to actually
be placed in the Great Religion category.
But those who have befriended Islam have
been bitten badly by the ones they reached to.
France , Spain , England , The Netherlands, Finland ,
Canada , USA , and many African nations have learned
the price of treating them like decent and civilized people.
They have been attacked from within, they have been
demanded to change laws that favor Islam,
they've seen crime rates rise, and they have
been berated by these people.

This is a simple thing really. It stems from a great
arrogance that Islam and only Islam is to survive
on Earth at any cost. Though arrogance is evident
in other religions to some extant, it is the
mainstay of Islam and because of this millions are
enslaved by Islam and millions die by the hand
of the followers of Mohammed.
And because of this, Islam can never be appeased.
It is never enough until they dominate.
It will never be enough until they make all the
laws. It can never be enough as long as there
are those who refuse to buy into Mohammed
and his more than 6,000 satanic verses called Koran.
It can never be appeased until it is fully dominant,
or until it does not exist to create the evil it does
on a daily basis.
I love my fellow man, and I love animals,
but even a rabid dog is shot
to protect the townsfolk from the death
a bite can bring about.

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