Monday, January 30, 2006

ECAJ Media Release on Palestinian elections.

[N.B.One can support Democracy but one need not necessarily support the results of it. MM]
Media Release

"The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), the elected representative organisation of the Australian Jewish community, has said Hamas must "reinvent itself completely" if it seriously wants to play any part in furthering the interests of Palestinians and peace.
The Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas, which is overtly racist and violent, was the winner in last week's Palestinian council election. The Hamas Charter calls on Islam to "obliterate" Israel, rules out negotiation and says no part of historic Palestine can ever be given up and contains references to "Elders of Zion Protocols" a notorious anti-Semitic forgery.
ECAJ President Grahame Leonard said: "It is to be hoped that Hamas will revoke its covenant, recognise Israel, abandon terrorism and engage in constructive dialogue."
ECAJ welcomed the statements of President Bush and most other world leaders which are typified by Prime Minister Howard's remarks in which he noted Hamas "has got to accept that you can't simultaneously behave like a democratically elected government and support terrorism and from the Australian Government's point of view there will be absolutely no change at all in our total commitment to the preservation of the State of Israel.

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