Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy "Australia Day"! Happy Anniversary.

My husband and I are always celebrating our wedding aniversaries on Australia Day. I was on my honeymoon on my 21st birthday. My husband had arrived in this country only 18 months earlier. We both survived the second world war as children, but then, while still a teenager, he went on to fight for his people's survival in Israel's War of Independence, together with his family. All the Arab armies together could not overrun the tiny newly declared State but as soon as those armies were defeated by the rag-tag army of untrained soldiers, mostly survivors of death camps,- my husband decided to see the world and got stuck with me in Oz! 48 years later we still call marvellous Australia home,- but we also love our spiritual homeland of Israel.

Jewish Australia Online Newsletter January 26, 2006

Dear readers, Australia Day 2006 presents a scene all too familiar: searing heat and bushfires, tennis and cricket, and the end of the summer school holidays.
But Australia Day also has special meaning for the Jewish community. Not only were Jews "present at the creation" when the first European settlers arrived in 1788, but their story has been intertwined with Australia's story ever since.You'll find many interesting links to Australia Day history and activities on our special page
To all our readers, around Australia and around the world, happy Australia Day and good wishes for a peaceful 2006.

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Remember: January 27th is the UN-World Holocaust Memorial Day!

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