Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential

ICELP Australian Support Group

February 2006.

Dear friends,

The parents of special-needs children in Israel, who are undergoing therapy at the world-acclaimed International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (ICELP),
founded and headed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein, Israel Prize Laureate in Education are seeking our help.

Prof. Feuerstein's unique and widely acclaimed approach is based on his theories of cognitive modifiability and mediated learning experience. ICELP's highly professional and dedicated team firmly believes that every individual is capable of growth and change and the Center creates an accepting, supportive and enriching environment. They are now in the process of training teachers from the developing countries in their methods which are even adopted to teach gifted students in the education systems of countries in all continents.

The parents who have witnessed extraordinary changes and improvements in all areas
of their children's overall functioning at home and in their learning environments, are appealing for assistance to allow more children to benefit from ICELP's programs.

Despite their limitation, all children who undergo the ICELP therapeutic programs manage to lead happy and productive lives. Their parents are seeking our support for ICELP, to help them for their own children's wellbeing as well as for the thousands, literally, wait-listed at the Center's doors from all over the world, for assessment even before undergoing actual treatment.

A marvellous special edition "coffee-table book" dedicated to Professor Feuerstein by artist Ya'akov Boussidan "Jerusalem: Names in Praise" will be sent to all donors of donations above $A 200.- . I have a copy (English and Hebrew) and it is a beautiful and cherished addition to our library of Judaica.

Your contributions should be made out to: "ICELP Australian Support Group" and sent to :
P.O. Box 6043, Sth. Yarra, Vic. 3141.
Or sent directly to: ICELP, P.O.B. 7755, 47 Narkis Street, Jerusalem 91077.
(Please enclose copy of above).

Credit- card donations can be made by calling ICELP Israel direct:
(02-569 3335 between 9.00 and 13.00 ).
email: icelp@actcom.co.il; website www.icelp.org

Thanking you sincerely in anticipation of your generous assistance,
ICELP and the ICELP Australian Support Group.

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