Thursday, February 23, 2006

PALESTINIAN CHUTZPAH: the limits of Democracy.

Arab Chutzpah: bowing to the terrorists in Europe!
The height of hypocrisy.

The Palestinian people collectively have made their democratic choice. They have collectively chosen the representatives of the Organization whose advertised agenda is the non-recognition of Israel; whose avowed aim is the violent destruction of Israel and whose religious adherence to radical Islam advocates incitement to hatred of the Jewish people.

Their spokespeople, like Hannan Ashrawi keep talking about "collective punishment" by the Israeli Government for with-holding funds from them. How do they expect Israel to recognise them if they don't recognize it? How do they expect Israel to respect the Palestinian people if they choose a political Party bent on destroying them? One Danish newspaper in one city in Europe publishes cartoons which "offend" the Moslems, and they "collectively punish" all Westerners. That is OK?

When we, the people make "collective choices" we expect "collective consequences".
If the Palestinians elected Hamas to govern them for other reasons than their relationship with Israel, (in the first Palestinian poll since the elections, only 12% said they chose Hamas for its agenda of calling for the destruction of Israel.-" The Australian", 22/2/06!) then they should have taken the other effects into consideration. It is too late to cry victimhood after the event and blame everyone else for their predicament.

Democracy is not a panacea for all ills,-it brought Hitler to power for the wrong reasons.
Hamas may be there for the wrong reasons too, with possibly the same disastrous results for the Palestinian people. Fatah probably lost for the right reasons. It's all about responsible leadership,- they need leaders who care more for their people than hate the Israeli 'infidels' because the Jewish Western democracy shows-up their Islamic culture,- as a culture which produces nothing other than the subjugation of their women, terrorism and deaths! The testosterone pumped-up young males who are full of inhibitions and prohibitions have to let-off steam somewhere,- so where else except in shooting their rifles, indulging in corruption, drug-running, criminal activities of all kinds and fighting, fighting, fighting! Their "virgin-fixation" is at the root of their problems!

The tiny Jewish State shows up its neighbours in every field,- so instead of learning from Israel's achievements to advance their own people, they want to destroy it and us all so that they can keep their people back in the dark ages!

In a democracy, we have to blame the people for allowing themselves to be led into the abyss. Are the Palestinian masses too stupid to do anything else?
The world's moderate Moslems, particularly in the West, -instead of encouraging the Palestinians to leave their murderous paths behind,- they encourage them in their terrorist pursuits. Feeling sorry for them and expect Israel to commit suicide to appease them is helping no one.

Prime Minister Howard is right in singling out the Islamic Jihadists as not belonging in Australia. While all migrant communities bring with them a criminal element which operates within their own communities,- it is the Islamists that we have to fear the most. They are against everyone,- they don't care whom they destroy, including their own families and communities not only themselves and all of us 'infidels',- one just needs to look at the home-grown London bombers, the Iraqis and the Taliban, not only at Bin Laden and Al Queda and Iran to see that!

Their craziness seems to be infectious,- it's catching on in South America, Asia and Africa.

MM. Miriam

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