Monday, February 06, 2006

Re "Hamastan":

In reply to "Moslem's" comment below:

When we live in a country where there is "freedom of speech", we also have freedom to protest,- peacefully. Religious leaders have a responsibilty to defuse not to incite their flock.

With due respect to all Moslems,- if I were to show here the despicable, sickening and blasphemus cartoons inflicted on Jews in the Moslem countries, I would be accused of inciting anti-Moslem feelings. Yet they would not fear the sort of retribution which rampaging mobs are inflicting on Europeans and their Embassies all over the Islamic countries. Pious Islamic pronouncements in multicultural Western countries are seen for what they are: hypocritical.

I am convinced that the reactions in those countries are not religiously inspired,- they are obviously politicised. If the religious leaders would have such powers, all their governments would be in danger.

I would not be the least surprised if the word went out from Iran, with plenty of $inducements, to their supporters to create a diversion against the West as 'punishment' for their anti-nuclear-Iran Resolution to refer them to the UN Security Council.

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