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So what's new in the 21st Century Islamic world of innovation?

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This week at ISRAEL21c Issue # 245 Week of March 13, 2006

Welcome to this week's edition of the ISRAEL21c newsletter - we hope our feature articles on Israeli advancements in health, technology and democracy will create a greater awareness about the vibrant Israel which exists beyond headlines of conflict.

* Israeli researchers close in on vaccine for autoimmune diseases.

Multiple sclerosis patients in Israel are being vaccinated with the very cells that trigger autoimmune diseases in revolutionary clinical trials launched to slow the deterioration brought on by the disease. "I'm kind of the hub of an international community investigating how we can use T-cell vaccination in a number of diseases," says Prof. Irun Cohen of the Weizmann Institute, who first initiated research in the field back in 1981. Initial findings and subsequent successful trials using animal models hold out hope for the entire range of autoimmune diseases from MS to arthritis, thyroid disease, lupus and diabetes.

* Jerusalem investor goes Hollywood, with animation.

One doesn't usually associate Israel with the glitter and glamour of show business. But the multi-million dollar Jerusalem Animation Lab might just change all that. The brainchild of Erel Margalit, managing partner of Jerusalem Venture Partners, the new Lab will combine advanced animation technology and Israel's reputation for ingenuity and creative thinking. With former Hollywood executive Max Howard on board to run the studio, don't be surprised to see the next animated blockbuster appearing with a 'Made in Jerusalem' seal.

* Israel's 'superwoman' takes flight to help others.

Gal Lusky, a former flight attendant, and the founder of the Israeli Flying Aid (IFA) renegade relief organization for disaster victims around the world, has truly earned her wings. Since founding the organization a year ago, Lusky and her team of volunteers have provided assistance to victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2005, and more recently to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The group aims to help those who need it most: people in far-flung locations around the globe that were either intentionally or unintentionally overlooked by most government or international aid organizations.

*Natural Israeli cosmetics bloom in the US.

Shiri Havkin believes in the unadorned beauty created by skin care products using only natural herbs. Produced by her Israeli company - Havkin Herbal Cosmetics - her line of products has taken Europe by a storm and are now finding new customers in the United States. The roots of her flourishing business lie in her late mother's herb garden - located the backyard of a 100-year-old stone house in the northern town of Rosh Pina - a piece of real estate so desirable that pop superstar Madonna has reportedly made an offer to purchase it. But Havkin is more intent on growing more herbs for her products.

*Johnson & Johnson looks to the future with Israeli science.

Hebrew University has a new and important partner - US healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson has cast a vote of confidence in the Israeli university's cutting edge scientific research, by placing a financial stake in its work. According to a J&J executive, "these guys are pushing the science and if we put them next to our guys who are pulling the science... the result will be synergistic. We are going to have a lot of fun."

In the Middle East, a kiss is not just a kissIf our little ones would someday enjoy peace, then all the sacrifices had not been in vain.Sharon Stone visited Israel this week and learned about a project at Sheba Medical Center to provide deaf Palestinian babies with cochlear implants.

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