Monday, April 03, 2006

The Jewish Lobby?....conspiratorial minds deviate wildly from reality!

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Realist school's conspiratorial minds deviate wildly from reality

A study on the power of the Jewish Lobby is only good for coffeehouse chatter in the Arab world, writes Martin Peretz

THE Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, a "faculty research working paper" recently produced for Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government by Stephen Walt, its academic dean, and John Mearsheimer, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, weighs in at nearly 35,000 words.
But the word "oil" appears in the document exactly seven times - all of them generic or trivial. None of the references relate to the US dependence on foreign crude or to the truly powerful lobby that has worked for many decades to satisfy it through arranging that the producer governments get what they want: mainly protection against radical Muslims and against fuel-efficient cars.
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N.B. Re "the Jewish lobby".
Whether in the USA or in Australia or anywhere else,- according to the Government critics, anything that the Government happens to do or say in defense of Israel, is due to the "Zionist" or "Jewish lobby"? There can be no self interest involved here, nor fair-play, nor plain common sense?
As Martin Peretz debunks the supposed academics who claim that American foreign policy is forged by the "Zionist lobby", he also suggests that we are all,- those of us who are people of good-will and good-sense at least,- part of the pro-Israel "lobby"! We advocate,- but in the end,- Governments do whatever is in their best interests!
The left-leaning media would rather see us in the pockets of the oil-oligarchs of the ME, - or worse!

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