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Pesach in Jewish Australia-on-line.

April 2006

The first Pesach seder (the feast and story-telling of the Exodus on Passover eve),- this year is on Wednesday evening April 12.
More than any other Jewish festival or celebration, the Passover seder is celebrated in more locations around the world, and certainly more unusual and exotic ones, than any other.
There are seders in the Himalayas. On American aircraft carriers at sea. In Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory. In Beijing, Baghdad and Barcelona. And of course, in every nook and cranny of Israel.
Nowadays we take it for granted that the Seder is celebrated openly and proudly all over the former Soviet Union. Yet it was not always so.
What ties all these seder celebrations together is the sense of Jewish peoplehood and connectivity.
This is the same spirit which has guided and motivated the Jewish people through 2 millenia of dispersion from Israel. The last words from the Haggadah which Jews in the diaspora have always read on these first 2 nights are :"next year in Jerusalem". In Israel they celebrate only one night and day as the main holiday,- but altogether we all observe the dietary laws for 8 days. (No bread or bread-products are eaten during the Passover period,- only Matza.)

There are Passover Seder songsheets on Hebrew printed out and used widely around the world to enhance this special night.
To view and print Songsheets for the first and second parts of the Seder
(before and after the meal) click here
To view our many Passover links on our Jewish Australia Pesach page click here
From all of us here at Jewish Australia Online,
our best wishes for an enjoyable and meaningful Passover.

(Aura Levin Lipski
Publisher - Jewish Australia Online Network)
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