Monday, May 01, 2006

The Euston Manifesto and the L-liberals on shaky moral grounds!

Two interesting articles appeared in "The Austalian" today pointing to the dilemma facing the Left: on the one hand they are anti-American foreign policy and anti- the war in Iraq, on the other they want America to intervene in Darfur.

Daniel Finkelstein laments about the failure of the Left to treat all forms of totalitarianism the same and which is not going to change just because a few have produced The Euston Manifesto, reiterating all the human rights and democratic values to which the Left is supposed to aspire.

Lawrence Kaplan also argues that it is the same people who protest against the war in Iraq and want the USA to position itself as a defensive power,- as are demonstrating for America to intervene once again. Nnever mind Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia,- now it's all about Darfur.
Never mind the contradiction!

So instead of the Left supporting the intellectuals behind the Euston Manifesto, it will probably be the Right who will be more likely to act on it!

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Sudan protesters pick and choose US power
The activists who are demanding foreign action to save Darfur, while protesting against the US-led intervention in Iraq, are on shaky moral ground, writes Lawrence F. Kaplan
May 01, 2006
The Euston Manifesto.
May1, "The Australian"
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"Anti-US mentality blinds liberals to importance of taking on tyrants.
A group of left-wing pundits and intellectuals wants to save the Left from itself, but why bother? asks Daniel Finkelstein (The Times)"
See the Euston Manifesto on MP Michael Danby's website.
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