Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ICJW President says 'thank you' from Jerusalem.

26 July 2006
Dear Friends:
I cannot thank you enough for the outpour of concern and good wishes that I have received from so many of you from around the world. The feeling of solidarity and unity with the people in Israel that you have expressed brings home to me once again the source of ICJW’s strength and that of the Jewish people in general.
These are not easy times for Israelis, especially those living in the north and south. However, even as civilian casualties mount, the people are exhibiting an unbelievable strength and fortitude. I believe that the close to 100 percent consensus on the necessity of the current military action derives from the feeling that Israel’s existence as an independent Jewish state, even after 58 years, is still being questioned. Yet the right of the Jewish people to realize its national expression in a Jewish state is recognized by most Jews around the world to be a just and inherent right.
May I ask that, when and wherever possible, to please support those in your countries who understand the "no-choice" situation in which Israel was forced to once again defend itself. And,. if you are so inclined, please explain this to those who might be less than convinced that Israel was the victim of aggression and not the initiator of the conflict.
We pray that soon we will overcome the present difficulties and return to the mundane yet welcome routine of normal life.
With fondest regards,
Leah Aharonov
President, ICJW, Jerusalem.
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