Wednesday, August 16, 2006

WAR! It is just jealousy by the Arabs of the israelis!

This week in review.16th August 2006.

My desktop is out of order and my laptop doesn't have all the information I need to do my blogging.
Hence my apologies for not keeping you up to date.

The good news of the week is that the hot -war between I srael and the hezbollah terrorists of Lebanon is (temporarily?) over and the population in the North of Israel can go back home.

Similarly, the Shia Lebanese population of the South is returning in droves, no doubt at the behest of their leaders,- in spite of the Israelis telling them not to go back, because it is not yet safe to do so.
On the one hand, Israel's army is still there, - on the other, it will be much harder for them to fight the harrassing mililitias with the civilians around them!

Let us hope that these devious terrorists don't try too hard just so that they will get a propaganda advantage about the ''evil Israelis'' who are ''targeting'' the (stupid!) Lebanese civilians.

Nasralla is apparently infiltrating all his fighters from the North back into the South, on Israe'sl border. A Lebanese army force is supposeddly getting ready to move to the border to "replace"the hezbollah, but no one can really see that they are any different from each other. The wily French and others of the UN forces to be deployed there,- will they be different from the previous ineffectual, intimidated UNIFILs?

The propaganda war in Iran, Syria and Lebanon is getting hotter and hotter. They are claiming "victory"! Their Hezbollah countryside and Beirut headquarters lie in ruins, hundreds of human-shield victims are dead, the country's transport systems are wrecked,- but they have a victory of sorts,- because the kidnapped soldiers are not returned,- neither from Gaza nor from Lebanon. And they still seem to have plenty of those katyusha rockets left to fire indiscriminately towards Israel.

Looking at the panning video-images of the countryside on the border, one could not help noticing the stark contrast between the two countries. One is lush and green, forrested, houses and streets like any Western European city say,- while on the other side of the border, it is stark, barren hillsides, with just bushy undergrowth and simple villages.

On one side of the border, the civilian population had to hide in their underground shelters, prepared for them over long periods of threatening forces arraigned against them. But their soldiers were protecting them above ground!

On the other side,- the bunkers were prepared deep underground for the fighters of the terrorist army,- while their civilian population was held to ransom above ground!Aren't they the stupid ones to put up with this?

Then the media wonders why there were 10 times as many civilian deaths in Lebanon as in Israel!


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