Thursday, December 21, 2006

Re Arab Lobby vs. "Jewish Lobby". (Letter to the Australian)

TO: The Editor

It's funny how every time someone wants to destroy the credibility of the Jewish people, they cry 'foul',- we cannot discuss it,- it's about 'free speech', the "Jewish lobby" doesn't allow it,- etc.. It takes an Iranian President to allow the denial of the Holocaust to be discussed by the 'flat-earth racist brigade'("How could anyone deny the horrors of the gas chambers"?)and it takes an ex-President to cry about the 'Jewish lobby" when he writes drivel about "Israeli apartheid".

Looking into Mr. Carter's background we find out the following: " the Carter Center, the combination research and activist project he founded at Emory University in 1982, has for years prospered from the largesse of assorted Arab financiers".

Not only has he received millions of dollars for his center and received accolades from all over the Arab world, but while "on its face, there is nothing objectionable about these contacts what has raised critics’ eyebrows is Carter’s immense chutzpah: In securing the financial support of assorted Arab leaders, Carter has gradually come to parrot their anti-Israel political agenda -- even as he styles himself as a dispassionate mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict". ( "Jimmy Carter and the Arab Lobby",, 18/12/06).

There is no "impartiality" in ex-President Carter's approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it has not been there for years. The Arab lobby is built on billions of petro-dollars,- the "Jewish lobby" if it exists is simply built on truths and a fair-go against those who would wish to finish what the Nazis started...


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