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Porkbarreling Multiculturalism in Australia. (Anti-racism-racists!)

I wrote the following BLOG below, after the Cronulla riots in Sydney, just over a year ago.

Since then, we have seen several manifestations of the same inter-ethnic-type confrontations also in Melbourne, the latest between young Australians of Croat and Serb background, at the the Tennis centre, on the first day of the Australian Open Tennis Championships.


"The majority of Australians are waking up to the unpleasant fact that there is a growing amount of interethnic-violence developing in our country. Most of us who come from Europe post WW2 could have predicted it. It was inevitable given the naiveté of the Australian politicians who devised the multicultural policies in this country."
The politicians did not divide ethnicity, nationality, religion and customs in a way that would ensure the development of a cohesive Australian society within the "multicultural policiws".

French writer Pascal Bruckner writes about mutliculturalism as "chaining people to their roots". The Jewish people welcome this aspect of multiculturalism and as far as the society at large is concerned, they have no need to fear any repercussions from this because the Jewish people have always contributed more to the societies in which they lived, than most other ethnic minorities, in any country.

However, there are some aspects of nationalistic and ethnic minorities which do not sit well with peaceful coexistence with some other minorities within the same country. Political "porkbarreling" to gain polling advantages, an exercise in which all Parties have been engaging in ever since the "Multicultural" word and policy has been coined in Australia, meant that new generations have been imbued with negative racist ideologies which Australians thought that the immigrant parents' generation had previously abandoned overseas!

A naively tolerant federal education system, coupled with a self-righteous journalistic tendency to promote the NESB perceived "underdogs", the minority communities irrespective of backgrounds,- has created an atmosphere wherein the new generation of young Australians of immigrant parentage feel free to display their racist, and/or anti-feminist and/ or anti-Semitic tendencies inherited from their parents' indoctrination,- all with Government largesse and no monitoring of what they were being taught in their ethnic and foreign nationalistic community institutions!

Pascal Bruckner in his aricle below, articulated something that has been noticed by most clear thinking people and their Western Governments. Those who claim to be "anti-racists" are in fact the new racists!

(On Wikipedia's entry about Pascal Bruckner's educational and literary CV, there is a note, obviously added at the end, that he is a "pro-USA acitivist" having written some articles in France in support of Donald Rumsfeld and American policies in Iraq!

Imagine,- how terrible! The anti-American lobby, is incensed! This is the group which includes of course the communists , anti-Semites, Islamists, anti-Israel and anti-Western activists, the so-called-peace-activists and every group of terrorists and anarchist rabble-rousers supporting the undemocratic world,- but going under the term and banner of "democratic", - as part of the "anti-American lobby" have labelled this French writer on Wikipedia for those groups' information.
These are of-course Bruckner's anti-racist racists! This is how Hitler and the Nazis managed to demonize the tolerant Jews for their planned genocide! Now copied by the Islamists against the Israelis. What a world is being prepared for future generations. )

Enlightenment fundamentalism or racism of the anti-racists?

Pascal Bruckner defends Ayaan Hirsi Ali against Ian Buruma and TimothyGarton Ash, condemning their idea of multiculturalism for chaining people to their roots.
"It's not enough that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has to live like a recluse, threatened with having her throat slit by radicals and surrounded by bodyguards. She - like the French philosophy professor Robert Redeker who has also been issued death threats on Islamicist websites - has to endure the ridicule of the high-minded idealists and armchair philosophers. She has even been called a Nazi in the Netherlands. (6) Thus the defenders of liberty are styled as fascists, while the fanatics are portrayed as victims!This vicious mechanism is well known. Those who revolt against barbarism are themselves accused of being barbarians. In politics as in philosophy, the equals sign is always an abdication. If thinking involves weighing one's words to name the world well, drawing comparisons in other words, then levelling distinctions testifies to intellectual bankruptcy. Shouting CRS = SS as in May '68, making Bush = Bin Laden or equating Voltaire to Savonarola is giving cheap satisfaction to questionable approximations. Similarly, the Enlightenment is often depicted as nothing but another religion, as mad and intransigent as the Catholicism of the Inquisition or radical Islam. After Heidegger, a whole run of thinkers from Gadamer to Derrida have contested the claims of the Enlightenment to embody a new age of self-conscious history. On the contrary, they say, all the evils of our epoch were spawned by this philosophical and literary episode: capitalism, colonialism, totalitarianism. For them, criticism of prejudices is nothing but a prejudice itself, proving that humanity is incapable of self-reflection. For them, the chimeras of certain men of letters who were keen to make a clean slate of God and revelation, were responsible for plunging Europe into darkness. In an abominable dialectic, the dawn of reason gave birth to nothing but monsters (Horkheimer, Adorno).The entire history of the 20th century attests to the fanaticism of modernity. And it's incontestable that the belief in progress has taken on the aspect of a faith, with its high priests from Saint Simon to August Comte, not forgetting Victor Hugo. The hideous secular religions of Nazism and communism, with their deadly rituals and mass massacres, were just as gruesome as the worst theocracies - of which they, at least as far as communism goes, considered themselves the radical negation. More people were killed in opposition to God in the 20th century than in the name of God. No matter that first Nazism and then communism were defeated by democratic regimes inspired by the Enlightenment, human rights, tolerance and pluralism. Luckily, Romanticism mitigated the abstraction of the Enlightenment and its claims to having created a new man, freed from religious sentiment and things of the flesh.


In AUSTRALIA, again, as previously pointed out:

" Those angry young men (and some women) who have a problem living in our modern, liberal, tolerant, gender-liberated and multicultural society, should try living in their parents' "old countries" for a while. It might enlighten them and straighten them out a little! Trying to change our society through violence to suit themselves won't work. Hopefully, even the soccer-field may become a uniting force, rather than a divisive one, now that Australia is in the World Cup!"

In fact, this is why the louts chose the Tennis Centre, by their own admission! They are looking for a fight wherever they can find it!

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