Monday, April 09, 2007


Zionism has been questioned last week on our public broadcaster, the ABC, in their Religion Report, (2/4). There is no doubt that the ideology of Zionism is now openly under attack, from a few Jews and therefore the non-Jews who feel entitled to question it too! The main target seems to be that it is "a racist ideology" similar to Fascism and Nazism,- no less!!!

The only reason the ABC finds it respectable to be anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic is because there are Jews who make these same 'noises'. If it's good for Jews to openly promote these sentiments, why not everyone else? We Jews are like the murderous Fascists and Nazis,- didn't you know? Oh yeah!

Oh,- sorry,- only Jews in Israel are like that,- not us, not here,- we could never be like that,....etc., etc.
Well,- Australians are in charge of nationhood and responsible for our welfare and safety, with an army, navy, air force, intelligence services, diplomatic services, police forces, etc., etc.,- should we believe that there are no Jewish Aussies involved in all these matters? Should Jews become "conscientious objectors" before serving in any of the above here, in case they have to administer some harsh punishment to others? "How can Jews do such things"?!!
(After all, they are supposed to turn the other cheek, when you spit in their eyes!!!)

In the USA and elsewhere in the Western world as far as I am aware,- Jews (unless there is discrimination) do participate at all levels in their nations. But then, according to the Jewish anti-Zionists, (not the anti-Semites who don't want them anywhere), that is OK because the "others" have to make the hard choices and decisions.

But when and where Jews are in a majority, according to the anti-Zionists,- they are not allowed to do that. Best to allow the Islamists rule over the Jews in a Palestinian "democratic, secular State",- because they are the greatest humanists in the world who would never become like Nazis to perpetrate a Holocaust!!!!

What a joke! You can die laughing.
(Miriam M.)

Some points re "Arab dispossession":

Zionist transfer ideas began in the 1930s as the result of the Arab pogroms and were not indigenous to Zionism. The fake Zionist quote from the Herzl diaries apparently referred to Uganda. Herzl wrote Altneuland, a utopian vision of Israel as a pluralistic democracy.

Transfer was proposed BY THE BRITISH in the PEEL plan, and all the quotes of Ben Gurion and others at the Zionist executive meeting were in the context of discussing the BRITISH proposal. Remember that the Jews were to be given a tiny part of Palestine, and in that context what was discussed was "voluntary" and compensated transfer - not forced expulsion. At the time, population transfer was considered legitimate. It took place on a grand scale in the partition of India, 10 years later.

In all about 500 families were affected by Zionist land purchases. In all cases, the families did get compensation and then asked for more anyhow. The real reason that so many left the land was not dispossession but better jobs in the cities, where Zionist investment had raised the standard of living. It is a fact that more Arabs lived in Palestine in 1947 than at any previous time in recorded history. If the Zionists were trying to dispossess Arabs, they sure did a lousy job.
( Ref. Ami Isseroff)

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