Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Independent Jewish voices" (to denigrate Israel!)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Australian Jewish News
Re: "independent Jewish voices"

These people are crying that they are not represented by the Jewish communal leadership and that they "have no voice" in the community when it comes to criticizing Israel. The bottom line is: where are they Jewish,- why are they Jewish, when are they Jewish? (Antony) Lowenstein is Jewish on the ABC on Seder night, apparently. His chutzpah knows no bounds,- with no idea what the responsibilities of nationhood imposes on governments, he attacks (not criticizes) our own elected Government representatives for standing up for Israel and our fellow Jews (AJN, 6/4).

I think that it is about time that the roof bodies of the community, i.e. the JCCs and SZCs explain to these uninvolved ignorants about our community's structure. For example, that the 50 or so delegates who meet regularly to discuss issues of concern to us, are there representing their affiliated communal organizations.. They have the responsibility and weight of representation of bodies, each with their own leaders and hundreds, or literally thousands of individual members.

Some of these organizations have very independent and opposing views from each other and their voices do get heard, loud and clear at the plenum meetings of the roof bodies and beyond. For example Mr. Rothfield and his organizations often take a different view to that of the majority of communal leaders (letters, AJN 6/4). Does anyone stop them doing it? Robust arguments may take place between them and others in the community. After all,- 2 Jews means 3 or more opinions, 3 synagogues (one that they don't go to) and continuous discourse.
One only needs to read the AJN to see this!

So what exactly makes these people think that they have something different to offer to the general public? Israel, unlike any other independent nation in the world, is continually under microscopic scrutiny and media attack. What are they adding to this? Who believes that they represent anyone other than themselves? And finally, what is the difference whether they call themselves Jewish or not?

The answer is of course: that individuals like Lowenstein and his Melbourne University Press sponsors wouldn't get the publicity,- nor the money,- otherwise.
Israel's and our enemies must love them to death.


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