Thursday, July 05, 2007


“Those who cure you will kill you.”

The dire warning of an Al Queda operative to an Anglican priest while in Jordan came true.

All reasons for this type of terrorism as proposed by most writers are utter rubbish, IMHO. What can anyone claim to have as a reason to plant a bomb outside a nightclub, on a special night when young women congregate? It does not need special insights into the thinking of these crazies when the intention is to kill as many young Western women as possible, who are simply bent on enjoying themselves. "Sexual licentiousness" of the West goes against the fanatical Muslims' indoctrination. Inducted by Al Quaeda's "paranoid and apocalyptic world view", they are just acting out their own frustrations in their Islamist jihaddi fanaticism! Stupid women help them in this as well!

It’s all about Islam, as claimed by Irshad Manji among others, who know it from inside. In an article in The Australian, “Religion is the root cause of terrorist threat”, she states that religion, or God is always the first cry the terrorists make. But this religion is one that leads to personal frustrations, re sexual desires, sexual orientation, inhibitions and prohibitions of all that is free in our Western lifestyle, - all which stifle the individual. The “goodie- goodie” image they try to invoke, is actually one that leads them to perversions and self-hatreds and then take it out on Western society and Western women,- in the guise of wanting to maintain their own ”puritanical” values under Sharia laws.

Doctors and other professionals are apparently simply acting out their parents’ desires for their children to succeed. Their own primary focus is the desire to act out fanatical Islamists’ jihaddi intentions. What better cover to enter Western countries than through professional employment? Having passed medical exams, bomb-making should be a cinch for them. Instead they turned out to be nothing but bumbling fools and amateurs! The British should thank their lucky star for that.


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