Thursday, December 27, 2007



I believe that

because jealousy, cowardice and ignorance are powerful tools for fuelling tribalism, hatreds and wars;
that because Israel is dealing with enemies who seem to be:among the stupidest people on earth; with some of the evilest leadership in the world today,;
and because of some of the most cowardly diaspora Jews who just add more fuel to the raging fires;

I wish these groups to develop the wisdom, the courage and the heart to effect changes from within their groups, for the benefit of their and all our peoples as a whole..

Who are these ill-begotten groups?

1) If the Palestinian Arabs were cleverer, they would ditch their leaders and join up cooperatively with the Jewish State to develop a State of their own and share with Israel in its successful development into a modern nation for the benefit of all ther people;

2) the evil-doers in the Islamic world, who as usual want to use the
Jews,- and the Palestinian people,- as their scapegoats before overcoming the West with their medieval ideologies of ruling the women, the ignorant masses and the world,i.e. supposedly in their mythical " caliphate".;

3) some cowardly diaspora Jews who think that by being anti-Israel will make them acceptable to the anti-Semites.

Therefore, may the successful development of the Jewish nation of Israel in a mere 60 years after the attempted annihilation of the Jewish people by the Nazis, continue for ever more and become the "light onto the nations" that it deserves to be in that part of the world !
May its enemies and their supporters never see their evil intents realised!

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