Monday, February 25, 2008


Israel is contributing significantly to worldwide efforts to counter climate change:

- Israel's solar energy sector is pioneering, and having an increasing international impact

- Israel is at the forefront of the international drive to combat so-called 'desertification' - the steady spread of deserts and the destruction of farmland and forests

- The UN General Assembly recently adopted a milestone resolution on agricultural development which was sponsored by Israel, and which promotes environmentally friendly agricultural practices internationally, including many devised in Israel

- Israel's university research labs are leading the way in clean energy research and innovation

- Israeli companies are deeply involved in introducing energy-efficient technologies for powering vehicles, factories and other infrastructure

- Israeli start-up companies such as Water Sheer as well as the national water carrier Mekorot are championing new methods of recycling waste water. They are helping to spread the know how to provide clean drinking water for the world's poor and vulnerable, again with major environmental and human benefits

- There are many grass-roots, citizens' initiatives in Israel (including joint Israeli-Palestinian projects) which promote environmental awareness and changes of lifestyle

There's plenty more which Israel is doing to help the green revolution on its way.

That's the country which the Greens have just voted to boycott.....

For Israel and the 21st century world, including its role in the global environmental challenge, visit the Israel21c website:

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