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TERRORIST MASSACRE IN JERUSALEM, 7th March 2008.,0,7450703,print.story

Los Angeles Times: The end of the 'guilty Israeli'
Yossi Klein-Halevi says (on 2nd March, before the massacre):

Gaza's people are being held hostage to a political fantasy. And the
international community is abetting the tragedy. The U.N. actually
considers Palestinians to be permanent refugees, to be protected in
squalid but subsidized camps even though they live in their own
homeland of Gaza, under their own government.

So long as Gaza refuses to heal itself, Israelis will rightly suspect that the Palestinian goal remains Israel's destruction. Not even a full withdrawal from the West Bank, they fear, will end the war, any more than the pullout from Gaza stopped the rockets. Israel's crime isn't occupying but existing.

And so we move toward the next terrible round of conflict. This time, though, for all our anguish, we will feel a lot less remorse. Because even guilty Israelis realize that, until our neighbors care more about building their state than undermining ours, the misery of Gaza will persist. "

[Yossi Klein Halevi is a senior fellow in the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem and author of "At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: A Jew's Search for Hope with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land." ]
Terrorist massacre in Jerusalem: The truth is louder than a Kalatchnikov

Amy Isseroff writes:
07.03. 2008

"There were ten attack warnings in Jerusalem on Thursday. In any case, we can assume that whoever planned it was doing the bid of the Iranian Mullahs, who are intent on fighting the American Great Satan to the last Palestinian Arab and Israeli Jew.
The massacre has generated a certain amount of unwonted solidarity in Israel, and even a bit of support abroad. Ha'aretz has taken the unusual step of labeling it a terrorist attack, and calling the killer a "terrorist" rather than a "gunman" or a "militant." Of course, the BBC described it as an "attack" by a "gunman," but they did at least mention the bloodthirsty jubilation in Gaza and the official announcements of support by Hamas.
The Post put out a small edition despite the bombing (see Palestine Post).

To some of our readers, the Post's reaction may seem very strange. It did not blame other Zionists or Jews for the attack. It did not advise stopping the "cycle of violence." Nor did they call for. bloodthirsty revenge or replacing the Zionist leadership with more religious personnel. It blamed the terrorists who carried out the bombing, an obvious idea that doesn't seem to have occurred to many people this week.

The Post editorial began
The truth is louder than TNT and burns brighter than the flames of arson.
It is time for everyone to remember and understand that unity, grim resolve and cool heads are our greatest assets. The truth is brighter than blowhard airheaded politicos and rabbis, and louder than an AK-47.

Ami Isseroff
[N.B. The Yeshivah attacked is part of the Religious Zionist Movement, whose students fight in the IDF to protect their country, withou waiting for Moshiach to help them.]
3/2008 2:01 PM


The difference between some journalists, (e,g, like Ed O'Loughlin of The Age) and others, like this true Australian journalist's sense of 'fair go', is shown in the following article !
----------------------------------------------------------------------: Islamists leave Israel no choice |
The Australian

(Greg Sheridan, Foreign Ed.)


"On Monday night, the ABC's Lateline program ran a report on the suffering of civilians in Gaza, an absolutely legitimate subject. Among the heart-rending footage there was an interview with a Gazan civilian who understandably complained bitterly about Israel's actions. But the ABC reporter didn't ask the absolutely obvious question: Do you wish your leaders would stop firing missiles into Israel, which make inevitable both the economic blockade and the Israeli military response? The ABC, as usual, was following more or less exactly the terrorists' preferred script for the Western media. Islamist terrorists have always been centrally concerned with the Western media and their understanding of its story presentation dynamics is acute, as this episode demonstrates. Hamas gets to sheet all blame to Israel.

Second, Hamas is trying to radicalise more Palestinian opinion. Palestinian politics has evolved from nationalism to religious extremism as the rise of Hamas demonstrates."


As far as the American initiative is concerned,- it is not just about America, Israel and Fatah vs. Hamas or Hizbollah. It is about the Saudis and Jordanians and Egyptians vs. Iranians and Syrians and.......

As Sheridan puts it: "And finally, Hamas may well be operating in very close concert with its sponsors, Iran and Syria. There is tremendous Sunni Arab concern about the growing power of Iran, evident not least in the bloody political vacuum in Lebanon.
A crisis in Gaza forces the forthcoming Arab summit to focus on the Palestinians, rather than Syria's murderous campaign to prevent the emergence of a democratic Lebanon. "

Some people believe Israel and America should talk to Hamas and all would be honky-dory!
If the politics of hate were that simple, - i.e." let's talk it over!",- would any conflict escalate to murderous wars over centuries? If the Sunnis and Shias keep killing each other, what can we expect from them vis-a-vis the Jews? Or the Christian world for that matter?

Too difficult for our laypeople's simple minds to comprehend, but there it is! Helping our enemies in their propaganda war doesn't do anything for anybody, except that it extends the conflict.

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