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MIRIAM'S TOPICAL TOPIC.: Antisemitism: the fightback!

ANTISEMITISM: time to fight back!

Having just returned from Germany and Berlin more specifically, we saw first-hand where Hitler conspired to solve his country's problems,- via the "final solution to the Jewish question!" He nearly succeeded,- but the Germans are not allowed to forget the darkest period in their history. From being at the top of European enlightement before WW2, they plunged into the deepest era of darkness, before rising up again 60years later to forge a modern country but without any delusions of past "glories". In all their history, Germany started wars which they never won, (except one, centuries ago).

Anti-Semitism in Germany is now outlawed, but stupidly inspired anti-Semitism seems to be endemic in the Arab world of today in a Nazi inspired copycat exercise and infiltrates the UN, its agencies and in pockets throughout the Western world. The more vitriolic lies that are spewed against the Jews from the Islamic religious and political leaders through their own media, in Arabic of course, the more the masses believe it and our media sometimes swallows it. The world around the Arab countries is progressing, including their nemesis the Jewish State of Israel, while their own people (if they are not in the oil-rich Emirates), stagnate in poverty, living back in the dark ages of barbarism, feudalism, tribalism and under despotic regimes across Asia and Africa..

Understandably some try to escape their surroundings and flee to Western Europe,- only to swamp their hosts with inbred hostilities and disregard for human rights towards women, let alone towards those "infidels",- the Jews! Given Hitler's racist attitude towards non-Aryans, I hope he turns in his grave looking at the proliferation of the various races and cultures living nowadays in his beloved "Fatherland of the pure-race Aryans" and trampling all over his last resting place in a car-park. Belatedly, the European Union's countries are trying to stem the tide of those refugees. But the only hope they have of reducing the outflow from Islamic countries is to raise their standard of living at home. This means not only in financial terms, but also in educating the masses to the real meaning of Universal Human Rights.

Unfortunately, that must be a threatening prospect to their leaderships,- political and religious. It is threatening to the male-dominated societies as well who would hate to rock their patriarcal social system as they know it,- whether we Westerners like it or not. Therefore, the simplest way to keep control over their citizens en- mass, is to deflect their hatred towards a minority,- but one which appears to be far more powerful than they are! This minority is not living amongst them anymore,- they got rid of their Jewish citizens in 1948-50. It is a minority in the world which must be eradicated, because" the Jews control the world, stupid,- don't you know it?"

"Forget your own miseries,- it's all the fault of the Jews, isn't it? Let us finish what Hitler started!" Feeding them with a continuous menu of antisemitism, with the most hateful lies through their media, like the supposedly fair Al Jazeera TV Station and you have no domestic problems with graft, corruption, economic stagnation, subjugation and slave-trafficking of women and general health and poverty issues. Repeat a lie often enough and it will be believed,- as Goebbels infamously but successfully stated 70 year ago.

Except that they forgot one thing: the Jews of today are not helplessly running away, but fighting back,- fighting with all the modern means at their disposal.

Some examples of Arab antisemitic propaganda:

* In Saudi Arabia, often mislabeled a "moderate, pro-Western" regime, government-controlled newspapers routinely publish articles claiming that Jews use the blood of Muslim and Christian children to prepare Hamentashen for Purim, a new spin on the ancient "blood libel." Way back when, anti-Semitic fanatics claimed that Jews killed Christian children to bake their blood into matzah.

* In Egypt, state-controlled TV serialized the infamous anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which claims a worldwide Jewish conspiracy is responsible for all wars and economic crises in history, up to the present. Egypt, also a so-called "moderate" Arab state largely because of its peace treaty with Israel, routinely publishes vile anti-Semitic cartoons in its state-controlled media. Unlike the frenzied reaction to the publication of anti-Muslim cartoons in a Danish newspaper two years ago, the Egyptian anti-Jewish cartoons have been largely ignored by mainstream media as a routine reality.
( St Louis 'Jewish Light', 1 Aug 2008)

Re Al Jazeera. (MEMRI-)
On August 2, 2008 the UAE English-language daily The National ( published an article critical of Al-Jazeera's coverage of the release of Samir Kuntar*, and on Al-Jazeera's influence in the Arab world, specifically among its academic elite. The author, Sultan Al-Qassemi, is a Sharjah-based businessman, a graduate of the American University of Paris, and founder of Barjeel Securities in Dubai and chairman of the Young Arab Leaders in the UAE.

*"The Problem with Watching Al-Jazeera in Arabic Isn't Just That the Channel Gives Ample Airtime to Militants and Terrorists to Share Their 'Perspective' – But Because Its Conspiracy Theories and Controversies Give the Station So Much Influence on the Easily Swayed Arab Mindset"

"It's a frightening statistic: According to a Jordan-based agency called the Knowledge World Centre for Polls, 98 percent of political science and media professors in the Arab world claim to watch at least three hours of Al-Jazeera daily, labeling it as the 'the most respected news agency.' What is frightening about that number isn't that 98 percent of Arab political science professors admit to watching three hours of television a day, but that they watch three hours of the same television each day.

"The problem with watching Al-Jazeera in Arabic isn't just that the channel gives ample airtime to militants and terrorists to share their 'perspective,' but because its conspiracy theories and controversies give the station so much influence on the easily swayed Arab mindset. For those who consider the English version of Al-Jazeera to be distinct, the channel's chairman, Sheikh Hamad al-Thani, promised that it 'will be no different.'

*UN Durban II. '09 Geneva. (Aug. 4, 2008,ALFRED H. MOSES , THE JERUSALEM POST ).

*Is the United Nations' follow-up to the racist 2001 Durban World Conference Against Racism headed for the same fate? Perhaps. What went wrong with Durban I? Despite its supposedly universal intentions, compromises were made to satisfy the non-aligned group of 118 countries, dominated by Islamic states. To make matters worse, the entire Durban I agenda was hijacked by anti-Israel forces, led by Iran and Yasser Arafat, who showed up in person.
Far worse, though, were the nongovernmental proceedings. Goebbels-like caricatures of Jews circulated freely. Jewish activists were harassed. The final NGO statement declared Israel a "racist apartheid state" guilty of "genocide." The text was so odious that even Mary Robinson, the UN rights chief who had been criticized for appeasing anti-Israel forces, refused to accept it.

The late Democratic Representative Tom Lantos of California, a US delegate, said "this was the most sickening and unabashed display of hate for Jews I had seen since the Nazi period."

WILL DURBAN II suffer the same fate? --

Who counters all this misinformation? The Western media reports what interests it,- but do the Al Jazeera viewers understand it? Whom do they believe, anyway? Their own Arabic stations of course. If the Western journalists criticize them via a cartoon or two, all hell breaks loose and they are sent into the streets to destroy, kill and make mayhem.

But then,- do those masses ever do anything else that would be considered constructive or productive? Could the world live without their contribution to society? Quite easily. On the other hand,-where would the world be without the contribution of our Jewish people, even as decimated as we were in the Holocaust? Just look at this film and you will get the picture.


As Melanie Phillips writes, (Refugees From Whom?The Spectator MONDAY, 4TH AUGUST 2008, after 180 Palestinian Fatah fighters from Gaza sought asylum in Israel,- no less).

"The ultimate shame of Palestinian/Arab/Muslim culture, and the ultimate revelation of their addiction to demopathy can be found in the following appalling verity: Muslim Arabs have more rights in Israel than,- not the Jews have, - but than their fellow Arabs have in any Arab or Muslim state in the world. For Israel to go would be a catastrophe of untold proportions for human rights.For all those progressives who love phrases like "speaking truth to power" and "the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" — where is your voice?"----------------------------

And Richrad L. Cravatts writes in his article "How to get the world to hate Israel?:

"If you are in the traditionally Arabist U.S. State Department, or in the “realist” school of diplomacy, or part of the European Union, and you have an insatiable need for oil, you overlook the tyrannies and unfaithfulness of our Middle Eastern “friends,” and ask nothing of them, but demand that Israel, the only democracy in a sea of despotism, continually prove its loyalty to us and embrace policies that could potentially threaten their own security. You write academic books questioning the strength of the "Israel Lobby," and wonder out loud if Jewish influence and wealth forces us to lose credibility and threaten our national security on behalf of Israel.

You do all of these things, as part of a concerted effort and also as random, independent efforts on the part of Israel’s enemies, and you do it for the 60 years of Israel’s existence, and then you are shocked, shocked, when Israel is shown to rank unfavorably in surveys which measure the public’s perception of nations and how they compare to one another in the world community. But you are pleased, because you know that if Israel cannot be annihilated with armaments and rockets, perhaps you can make it cease to exist simply by making the entire world loathe it for being what it is."
Plenty of Jewish individuals,- so called "intellectuals" - wouldn't mind unfortunately if Zionism disappeared. Their tenuous ties to their people, their religion and their history makes them opt out rather rather than fight back.

BUT WE SHALL OVERCOME! Pity the cost in human lives and the cost and effort involved.
Peace in the ME is as elusive as ever. If only.............


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