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HATE CRIMES #2. Terror in Mumbai. TV program

Monday evening, 3/8, Channel 7 (Melbourne) had a program at 7.30pm about the saving of lives from the plane which crash-landed in the Hudson River, New York. An unbelievable story of heroism and skill,- and survival,- some from freezing waters of the river where they jumped in or slipped.

Then at 8.30pm, 4corners, ABC,- "Terror in Mumbai". What a contrast in human nature,- good and evil - in different parts of the world in this 21st Century, all on one night, graphically depicted on our screens.

An unbelievable report of events unfolding during those fateful days in Mumbai. The terrorist handlers in Pakistan are heard directing the terrorists as they watch the drama unfolding on their TV screens at home. They keep ordering their murderers in Mumbai what to do step by step,- all recorded by the Indian Intelligence Services and through the video recorders in the hotels and by the international media. All to no avail.
You can hear the commands to kill the Jews in the Chabad House. "One Jew is like 50 others." they are told.
It's all in the name of Allah. "Imshallah" ,- God willing,- is heard throughout.
They saved a Turkish couple because " you are brothers" as they were saying their prayers for the dead from the Koran.

Unbelievable what these people are capable of. But then, - it's unblievable what the Nazis were capable of,- so no surpise for us Jews, I guess

This week on the ABC's 'Four Corners' program, TERROR IN MUMBAI, the remarkable story of the terrorist attack on India’s largest city, told through the eyes of the victims and the gunmen who committed the atrocity.

Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Dan Reed, TERROR IN MUMBAI, uses taped telephone conversations between the terrorists and their superiors in Pakistan, new footage never seen before and a startling interview with the one gunman who was captured to show a chilling testimony to terror.


It was the 26th November 2008 when ten heavily armed gunmen took over a fishing boat in the Arabian Sea and headed for the city of Mumbai on the west coast of India. An hour later their killing spree began.

Their first target was the Leopold Cafe where they killed 11 people. From there they planted bombs inside taxis as the moved across the city. TERROR IN MUMBAI follows the young men every step of the way using telephone calls made between the raid’s masterminds in Pakistan and the gunmen in Mumbai. Those calls combine with the testimony of the captured terrorist Ajmal Kasab, to create an extra-ordinary chronology of the attacks.

The calls reveal how the young men are continually reminded they must kill as many people as possible, making sure that whatever happens they must not be taken alive.

Ajmal Kasab, speaking from his hospital bed tells how he and another man attacked the city’s train station slaughtering more than 50 people. The program then hears from the train station survivors who tell how the gunmen coldly cut down innocent people one after another. A young boy describes how six of his family are killed around him. The security forces admit they were overwhelmed and underprepared. Some hid rather than be killed. Others tried to use weapons that would not work and were slaughtered.

As the film progresses the relationship between the attackers and their controllers at the other end of the phone comes into clearer focus. At times the young men appear utterly ruthless, at other times they break away from their conditioning and register their wonder at the hotel they have taken over. They talk of computers and expensive furniture as if in a wonderland.

As the film progresses the terrorists are told to kill as many people as they can in the Taj Hotel, and then to start a fire. The purpose? To let the world know a symbol of India and the decadent west is being destroyed.

As the phone calls continue it becomes clear the young men are not always willing to kill on command. In one chilling episode one gunman is told to kill a hostage. He stalls for time. Then an hour later he is ordered to shoot. A gunshot is heard.

The calls do not just document the slaughter of innocent people. As Indian commandos close in on the gunmen inside a Jewish school the phone taps record the last moments of the siege and the gunfight between the opposing sides. One gunman says how he is hit, in the leg and the arm. “Do not be taken alive” he is told.

When Lashkar- e-Taiba decided to attack the city of Mumbai they wanted to carry out an attack that would horrify the world. This is the story of that attack from the inside.

TERROR IN MUMBAI went to air on Four Corners Monday 3rd Augist at 8.30 pm on ABC 1 and repeated on 4th August at 11.35 pm.

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