Saturday, January 02, 2010

ISRAEL: 'a light on to nations'- on SECURITY!

Readers join a discussion at Pajamas about the help Israel can offer Britain in defusing IEDS (Improvised Explosive Devices) ; British organisations and academic institutions have been spending a great deal of time organising boycotts of Israel and banning Israeli dignitaries from entering the United Kingdom on pain of arrest for war crimes, but our editor Carol Gould suggests it might be time for Britain to look to Israel for help.

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Ms. Gould focuses only on one aspect of learning from Israel re the IEDs. It is jealousy among the various Anglo/US agencies to 'learn' anything from Israel. After all,- 'who do those Jews think they are?'. Other international companies know better,- Israeli security teams ply the seas and monitor airports all over the world. The Nigerian would-be-bomber would not have got on to a flight to Israel; nor would the Afghani terrorist suicide bomber who killed the largest no. of CIA agents in 25years been trusted not to be searched.

Islam is a 'dhimmitude'religion; Christianity also believes in its supremacy; both feel successful Judaism shows them up. Israel trusts no-one but itself as a result,- this is why it survives,- but jealousy won't allow it to 'be a light on to the nations' as the bible prophesises!Eventually,with Islam taking on the rest of the world,it may throw the rest of the world into Israel's fold.

At the moment we Jews have to help Israel which has to fight a rear-guard action all the time,- as well as a frontal assault everywhere.

British View of Saudi Arabia, and calls America to wake up before it’s too late.

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