Sunday, March 28, 2010

Courting the devil or the friends we know!

Israel it seems can do no right at present. Britain’s expulsion of an Israeli diplomat after fake passports, stolen identities and a terrorist’s assassination, plus Jerusalem’s ‘settlements’ are keeping our media in a frenzy and the West in terror of the Islamists.What about Britain’s “settlements” in The Falklands? The
Argentinians can lay more claim to 'The Malvinas' than the British.

Britain is to blame for all the ME’s and Israel’s problems (see also The Age,27/3) , as she is to blame for those in Iraq, a country it cooked up while keeping Sunni Arabs, Shi’ite Arabs and Kurds at each others’ throats. The US is to blame for the Talibans’ ascendancy against the Russians in Afghanistan. Now, does Obama hope for regional alliances with Iran as his exit strategy from the Iraq and Afghanistan quagmire?
The only pitiful aspect of the whole fake passport affair is the fact that a number of innocent Israelis’ names are,- intentionally or mistakenly,- now on Interpol’s watch list!

As Michael Crowley puts it (The Australian,29/3,), “Obama ,- seems less interested in the political composition of Afghanistan than in reducing violence to a level that will allow for a US (and Australian) withdrawal.” So he is ready to appease the devil for it!

We must hope that Israel, the only independent bulwark against the Islamists’ jihadists, will not allow herself to be the West’s sacrificial lamb on the altar of Obama’s Islamic sympathies and Iran’s nuclear ambitions or we in the West are all lost, including some of Israel’s more moderate Arab neighbours .

If anyone thinks that by Jerusalem becoming the Berlin of old it will appease the Iranian Islamists, forget it,- there is no appeasement of a hungry beast. Chamberlain tried it! Sensible humans after all, could talk,- if only they would want to.

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