Monday, August 23, 2010


Lacklustre, dull and boring!
Dangerous times ahead!

“As a feminist, you must be voting for the first woman PM.” I was told by my traditional Labor voting friends.
I said that, “ yes, as a feminist I am always happy to vote for a woman entering Parliament as my local member” because as a feminist, I want to see many more women in Parliament for most Parties to give them plenty of choice to select a woman as PM, in exactly the same way as a male is selected.- i.e. the best person for the job.

However, as a voter I never vote for the leader, only for the best person to represent me in Parliament.
After all, one never knows for how long and who will still be the leader at the end of their term, but at least our local members should last out their term in office.
In addition, as a ‘swinging voter’, I will choose the candidates from either major Party who take the trouble to make themselves known to the electorate, to the community and to the individual electors.

As for my Party or Parties of choice, for me it is only those with a history of experience in managing our country’s ‘big picture’ agendas,- not fly-by-nighters and one-issue groups forming themselves into political Parties for the purpose of seeking power in shaping the nation’s future according to their own narrow philosophies.

The danger from disaffected, ignorant voters in our democratic system, is when we have a most boring and colourless election as this one has been, that they may end up giving them the power to do just that.

Lest we forget: the Nazis came democratically to power in exactly the same way, a vacuum caused by lacklustre Parties used to being in power!All it would have taken these days of constant media exposure,is someone with charisma ("chen"in Yiddish)from the Greens to get into an even more powerful position,but luckily,- (or sadly for all Parties)- in short supply this time!

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