Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Welcome first Australian female Prime Minister: Julia Gillard.

Today, caretaker PM, Julia Gillard (Labor Party)was given the mantle to continue as PM and the leader of the minority Government in her own right,rather than one appointed by her Party on the resignation of the previously elected PM, Kevin Rudd.

The required number of Independent MHRs sided with her over the Coalition parties, giving her the barest of majorities,- probably of just one! Will this Government be stable? Will it last the distance,- in spite of all the assurances? Somehow I doubt it!

Given that Tony Abbott is considered the best and most successful Opposition leader ever, now that he will continue in Opposition, I cannot see that he will not use any opportunity that will present itself to create havoc in the government ranks.

The Independents have enjoyed enormous power and media exposure for the last few weeks since the election and no doubt are looking forward to continue being in the limelight. Personally, I am not convinced that if they play upon this new-found power too much, that the major Parties will not combine to thwart them in the end.

Do we the people of Australia really want to be held to ransom by a few individual representatives from the rural areas on the one hand and by the minority Green Party in the Senate after next year on the other,- influencing such issues as Foreign Affairs, defence, immigration, taxes,plus a whole host of important issues which will determine the future stability and security of our Nation?

In the end,- will the Labor Party really want to be beholden to these individuals when going before the people to the next election? It will be the Liberals who will be able to say "we are the only independent Party and we ask for a mandate to govern in our own right!"

PM Gillard being a woman notwithstanding, I am glad that it is Tony Abbott who is in the Opposition. I fear the influence of the Independents and the Greens on the Government of the day and I look to the Liberals to make sure they don't mess us up!


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