Sunday, October 24, 2010

Antisemitic 9/11 Conspiracy theory hoodwinks unionist leader!

When I heard the trade unionist from the Waterfront Workers' Union and a State Union leader, one Kevin Bracken on a radio program last Monday am, I couldn’t believe my ears re what he was referring to: namely to a circulating e-mail with another of those 9/11 conspiracy theories trying to shift the blame away from the Islamic terrorists who perpetrated it.

When I originally received the email containing that ‘9/11’ conspiracy theory to which Kevin Bracken alluded this week on Jon Faine’s ABC radio program, I too was taken in by the first couple of sentences due to its supposedly “scientific facts”!
I started showing it to my son who happened to be standing nearby and he immediately told me to just delete this ‘crap’!
But knowing how these claims work, I searched for the agenda behind it and soon found it towards the end.
There were billions of double insurance dollars supposedly received by the Trade Centre tenant with a Jewish sounding name.
So what does a far-left unionist need more than a claim targeting US, money and Jews to believe its nefarious claims?What a clever antisemitic ploy by the initiators of that email circulating around the globe!

It’s a worry though when someone in an Australian leadership position in the Trade Union Movement in this day and age is so far hoodwinked that he is prepared to go public and on the record to claim it as a truism. While the Trade Union Movement and the Labor Party distanced themselves from his claims, nevertheless this person remains in his leadership position within it.

Fake claims to put the blame on Jews and victims instead of the perpetrators is the oldest ploy on earth and obviously most profitable too.
Just look at the Holocaust deniers who keep on doing it!

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