Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Islamic Troubles in Multicultural Australia.

Today's young hotheads.

 Viewing the TV footage last weekend, I suspect that most of the Muslim youths and parents of little kids who were the troublemakers in Sydney are home-grown Aussie converts to radical Islam.
One of the Imams quoted in the press pointed to them as such.

Testosterone fuelled disaffected youths are the ones who gravitate to extremist groups,- be they radical Islamists, neo-Nazi gangs, criminal bikie-gangs or other troublemakers.
Since similarly afflicted  Jewish youths would not be accepted by any of the above,- where can they go in the Diaspora?

To Ilan Pape’s side and his BDS Movement most likely!In Israel they have plenty of other similar groups, but not many in the Diaspora. Pape on the other hand and all these ‘useful idiots’ I suspect are sponsored by  radical rabblerousers from here and abroad. Follow the money trail I say!

They are all equally vengenful extremists who are intent on disrupting their own community as well as their families’ wellbeing. Pape eventually had to leave Israel to pursue his anti-Israel-pro-Palestinian agenda in a British University. There is plenty of money there for anyone promoting hatred of Jews and of the only Jewish State,- the only successful democratic one in the Middle East.

It’s time for modern-day parents to take control of their kids by setting the right examples! Too many adults are out for self-satisfaction instead of the traditional self-sacrifice of Jewish parents.
Discipline and respect for authority which seems sadly lacking today, has to be earned. It starts at home as well as in schools! Kids are their parents' strongest critics and emulators!

Hopefully Australian society will heed last weekend’s warning.

 I wonder if anyone noticed that Israel's 20% Muslim Arab population has not taken to the streets as in neighbouring Lebanon and other countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Nor do they seem to demonstrate against the US in the Palestinian Territories. Hopefully they won't do it later.
These are the more educated Muslim elites who probably have more important issues on their minds than worrying about a silly u-tube clip as an excuse for mob-rule.

If Islamists want respect for their religion they have to give it to ours as well,-i.e. to Judaism as well as to the others,- which they don't do at all! All they do is breed hatred towards us as the 'infidels' in their midst.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SojWIjJw1Lo&feature=share

As Salmon Rushdie said on his BBC interview: courage,- stand up to them!
Now there is a fatwa with a $3million bounty on his life as a result.


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