Wednesday, February 06, 2013


RE: Aussie’s BDS participation in a protest because of the “injustice” of her own situation.

One Fay Waddington of Wooloowin, Qld. claims in The Australian (Letters,23/1/13) that she has ‘automatically a right to return’ to a country to which she has no connection, Israel, because she has a grandmother “born into a Jewish family”, while “an indigenous Palestinian’s grand-daughter is dispossessed of that same land”.
Under the same reasoning, I, as a former refugee, also had a grandmother and grandfather who were born and lived in a region which belonged to Romania.
In WW2, my grandfather was murdered and is buried in a mass grave which is now a school football ground. That region became part of the Ukraine after the war. Since I was born in Romania  (with tongue in cheek) I want ‘the right to return’ and to take back my grandparents’ ‘Romanian’ land.
How dare Ukraine take over my grandparents’ land? !!!
 Should I be starting a BDS movement against the Ukraine?

 What a chutzpah!There are plenty of other real dispossessed former refugees from around the world here  in multicultural Australia and who can make similar claims to those of the Palestinians’ descendants. Where are their  BDS movements? Do they go around disturbing the peace and stopping Australians from pursuing their day-to-day business for some of their own personal vendettas on the other side of the world?
Or are they just thankful to be welcomed into this country instead of languishing in some of the Arab countries' refugee camps in Africa and the ME?

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