Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Anger over attack on Christmas

This is the most ridiculous debate which has arisen out of the supposed need to be politically correct. Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25, which coincides with the summer holiday period in Australia. It is the "festive season", holiday season, summer vacation, and anything else we wish to call it, including "a shopping festival" (which is good for business!).
But it happens to be also the "Christmas season",- like it or not.
Non-Christians can choose to ignore it or join-in in the festivities.It does not stop us Jews from celebrating Hanukkah,- or Muslims celebrating Ramadan, etc. But imposing on the majority of the population who are observing the Christian tradition, another "neutral" term in the name of political correctness towards our minority religions, is offensive to Christians and utter nonsense.
The article below is an example of the reactions to this stupid suggestion!
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Anger over attack on Christmas
By Ainsley Pavey
The Sunday Mail (Qld)
04 December 2005,10117,17454097-421,00.html

RELIGIOUS groups have launched an attack on Christmas - calling for it to be renamed and toned down.

A leading Islamic body says the use of the term "Christmas" is politically incorrect because it excludes too many people in multicultural Australia.

The Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations wants a community debate to find an alternative - suggesting the word "festive" as a possible replacement.

And a Queensland Jewish leader has called for an end to the "automatic imposition" of Christmas on the community, saying the season has been reduced to a "shopping festival".

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