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Zionism and its impact on the Arabs.

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A very good analysis is available on the Zionism-Israel website above.

The propaganda put out by the anti-Zionists is that the Arabs were displaced by the "foreign Jews" in 1948,- i.e. for every Arab who ran away, there came a Jew to replace him! The deliberate misinformation is to distort the truth to suit the Arab 'narrative' of the poor Palestinian refugees.

Zionism did NOT begin in 1948, not even in the 19th century when only ORGANIZED Zionism as a POLITICAL MOVEMENT began then, because it could not exist before.
Zionism is not an imitation of European nationalism. We Jews had a nation when those people wore hides and worshipped rocks. The Zionist political movement adopted some of the language and concepts of European nationalism in response to those nations' relentless pursuit of Jewish conversion to Christianity and therefore the elimination of the Jews as a separate religious group.Catholicism in particular could not cope with the "stiff-necked Jews" who seemed to thrive wherever they were,- in spite of not accepting Jesus Christ as their saviour or their Messiah!

ZIIC has accounts of Jewish settlement in Tzfat and in Tiberias along with
pictures and poems of Yehuda Halevi. The point is also made in the history of Zionism article. The attachment to Jerusalem and Israel was not simply invented in the 19th century, but part of the age-old prayers of the Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple and dispersal.

By the way, as a political unit it was not called Palestine until 1917 - only
the original Muslim conquest made a Jund of Falestin. After the Turks took
over it wasn't Palestine - only the Christians called it that.

The Arabs' 'narrative' seems to be a deliberate and direct copy of the Jewish real one!
Except that it is a role-reversal! Now they claim victimhood, comparable to the Jews!
Talk about 'blaming the victims" for their own mistakes and misfortunes!

In reality,- there would have been no Palestinian refugees, had the surrounding Arab armies not tried to overrun the tiny new Jewish 'enclave' which was then Palestine, followed by the new country of Israel!

There would have been no refugees then, if they had not heeded their fellow Arab leaders, telling them to flee!

There would be no Palestinian refugees today, if their 250million brethren had resettled them in their own countries, -as Israel did with its Jews from around the world who were looking for refuge.Let alone all of us post-WW2 millions of refugees who were gratefully resettled all over the world,- far, far away from our original homes and homelands!Who else would be so stupid as to put up with living off UNWRAA in squalid refugee camps for over 50 years, instead of opting for peaceful resettlement?

There would have been no need for refugees to start-off, had they realised that they are a nationality in the first place and that they could have a State alongside Israel,- but not one instead of Israel!

Israel today is not Sth. Africa-with-apartheid as the propagandists claim.
It is Palestine and the Palestinians who are spiralling downwards towards:

there would be no refugees and no Palestinian suffering because of their own terrorism, if the Jewish State of Israel would be able to be accepted by its neighbours,-unconditionally!Then the IMPACT OF ZIONISM COULD HAVE BEEN THE ELEVATION OF THE STATUS OF ALL PEOPLES IN THE M.E.

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