Wednesday, January 25, 2012



Petition to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation:
“Demand for appointment of female representatives to the Committee of Nominations of dayanim”

The Council of Women’s Organizations in Israel calls on political leaders to appoint female representatives to the committee of nominations of dayanim.

The Council of Women’s Organizations Israel is the umbrella organization representing all women organizations in Israel: Emunah, Wizo, Naamat, University Women, Bnot Brit, Ort, Hadassah, Soroptomist and Shedulat Hanashim – with more than one million members from all sectors, acting through educational and social activities, for the advancement of status of women and the family through whole Israel.

Towards the upcoming discussion at the Ministerial Committee for Legislation on the Bill of dayanim (Amendment - appointment of female representatives -2011), the Council of Women’s Organization addressed the Ministerial Committee:

“It is unacceptable that the Committee of Nominations of dayanim should include men only, as it has an influence on the every day life of women.
The absence of a woman in this committee is inappropriate and is against the Law of proper Representation of Women. The purpose of the Bill of
dayanim (Amendment) is to correct this distortion and the Council of Women’s Organizations in Israel demands unequivocally that this bill should be confirmed.”

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